IOTserver – 3D Printer Server

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Break yourself free from the cable connection to your 3D printer!

Until now, people using 3D printers had to connect their computer to it in order to print. This has many drawbacks – You have to babysit the whole process with your computer to make sure the printing goes well. And if you take a break, you might find that 3 hours print has gone bad. This process can keep you busy for long hours.

IOTserver - 3D printer server
IOTserver – 3D printer server


IOTserver is a small computer. A little larger than a credit card. It doesn’t require a fan so it doesn’t emit any noise. It connects to 3D-printers and webcam through its USB ports.

Using this 3D printer server allows you to operate your printer and control it remotely. While not connecting to the printer physically.

The IOTserver can support several 3D printers. It sends the instructions to the printer and monitors the execution. You can schedule a print from a remote location at any time.

The printer server contains easy handling software to which I provide you with full instructions. Using this server gives you the ability to choose between original software provided with the printer and the software that comes with the IOTserver.

You control the 3D printer remotely using any browser and on any device including cell phones.

An additional webcam is offered for monitoring the print process remotely.

The freedom you get from the printer allows you to be more productive and print more from remote locations.



The available server programs

For controlling the printer and answering your commands, we need to use a server program. There are several 3D servers available. The IOTserver device comes with a few of them preinstalled. You can try the different programs and select the one you prefer.


This is the software I use, as I use Repetier-Host as the front-end program in my computer to load/slice/upload STL and gcode files. It is natively handshake with Repetier-Host. I find the Repetier-Host GUI more easy to use than the browser interface.

It has a web interface, so I can control the printer using tablet/cell phone. This is handy if I want to initiate printing of a part that exists on the server. To open it in a web browser you need to code the printer IP number, colon and the default port which is 3344. In my case, it is

The regular server is free. The “pro” version cost $43.



Open-source 3D printer project using Python.

Comes with nice built-in support for a webcam. You can see your printer in action and intervene in a case of an emergency.

The Octoprint server contains software allowing third party vendors to create plugins to it. So it might have a plugin interface to the slicing program you use on your computer.

It contains the ability to upload STL file and slice them to gcode locally on the server. This opens the ability to use tablets/cell phones for the whole cycle of part design. You can design a part in Tinkercad using a tablet. Load it to the server and slice it there.


IOTserver - 3D printer server
IOTserver – 3D printer server


The IOTserver device is a complete computer designed and built to drive 3D printers from remote locations. It consumes low energy and does not have a fan in its operation. Making it a silent device which does not require your attention to it.

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