FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro review

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Front view

Heavy duty printer that offers good 3D model printing. The printer has a metal frame that rigidly secures the structure and contributes to the print quality. The bed thickness is 6.3 mm metal that reduces bed twisting.

It has dual extruders. This allows printing models in using two filament colors. Another option is using one extruder with PLA and the other with ABS. This saves the time of switching materials.

The printing volume is a little smaller than current 3D printers. This printer model is manufactured for several years. So there are less ‘childhood diseases’ and it is in a mature state. If any component of the printer fails (like a thermocouple), you can buy the replacement from the manufacturer.

The printer can use ‘exotic’ materials for printing such as wood, bronze, nylon. A large community of people can advise on any issue arises around the printer operation.

The SD card comes with several models that show of the printer capabilities. Including “traffic cone” – use of two filaments in one printing process.



Printer Dimensions: 22.1 x 19.3 x 16.3 inches
Item Weight 24.2 pounds
Build Platform 230 x 150 x 140 mm
Dual Extruders
Fully Enclosed Chamber with Injection Mold Lid
Aerospace grade aluminum platform
SD Card Reader


A Plexiglas chamber encloses the printer making the printing environment temperature-even. This is important in printing with sensitive material like ABS. It allows the ABS to evenly solidify after passing through the extruder.

The printer has some led light on its frame making it look cool.Simple control panel allows controlling the printer manually if needed. It also shows the print state on the printer itself.The On/Off switch is at the back of the printer making it hard to reach if the printer is on a narrow shelf.

The Print file format is .x3g. If you are using .gcode you will need to convert it to this format.

The metal frame and the door need to be greased every few month to avoid rattle noise. If the printer does not come greased from the factory you can expect bad brakes sound when the bed is lowered. Failing to grease the printer properly, can cause it to deterioration in its print quality.
Metal on metal grinding can result in metal screws tear-off.

The second extruder is not cooled properly by the main fan. It causes some ABS curling when printing using this extruder.
Proper modding is getting another fan and position it behind the second extruder.

Leveling the bed is simple and easy. There are three points of adjustments on in the front and two in the rear. The printer position the extruder above the bed in 3 points. You can use their provided gauge to position the bed accurately below the extruder.
They do use cheap wing nuts that you have to turn. Proper round nut would have been better.

FlashForge supplies their own software for use with this printer. It comes with four modes of printer operation that supply optimal printing and save guess work and experiments. Other printers might have no proper setup for different materials and quality needed. This requires the owner to spend many hours of experiment and trials to find the proper way to print. (And in some cases he might miss some parameter tweaking that might do some tricks).

This printer offers mature solid and robust printer in the current price range of $900. It allows printing in many materials includes exotic filaments. Serious, professional printer, for serious people.

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