This portal is meant to deal with 3D printers and printing. I intend to bring here news, product reviews and trend information regarding 3D printing.

My name is Michael. I am veteran entrepreneur physicist and computer programmer. As such, I was fascinated by this new world of 3D printing as it allows us to create products and spare parts in our homes with affordable costs.

As an entrepreneur, I created a product for hydroponic growing. This product allows me to develop it, test the market for it on eBay, and once prove successful, start mass production. So, the risk of developing a new product is much lower and requires lesser investment money.
The 3D world today has several years of existence. As such it has infancy diseases. So people should expect some “glitches” when they buy their first printer and start to print.

The world of 3D as of today, require knowledge in mechanics, Electronic, and programming. A person who has this skill is called “maker”. Makers are the people who started building the open source printing facilities. The “RepRap” open source printer started with the vision of building a 3D printer that will print other 3D printers.

As the 3D printing world become more mature, new players emerge: “3D printers”. These people are specialized in plastic filaments and production of printed parts.
At the current state of the 3D printing world, people need to have both those skills.

I created this blog to write on this exciting area and bring useful information to the people who are electrified by this area and want to use it for their own art.

“Putting a factory in every home”.